In The Pen

Australian Team Penning Association, Goomeri, Qld - 18th September 2011

The Australian Team Penning Association was all set to run their 2nd Team Penning in conjunction with the Kilkivan Great Horse Ride on Sunday 18th September, but Hendra put paid to that, with the Horse Ride being cancelled. The executive decided we’d still have a Team Penning Competition, Goomeri was the chosen venue due to the fact they have a permanent arena, making for a lot less work. On short notice, John, Tina, Jason, Ty, Caron, Dean and Sandra organized this Open Team Penning competition.

The day dawned fine if somewhat smokey and quite warm, competition got underway at 8am. Nargoon Cattle Company, from Cinnabar supplied a beautiful line of Charolais steers and heifers, which worked well and would have made onion gravy taste nice. With 65 teams run through in good time under the watchful eye of judge Mark Rogers the day ran smoothly and the winners were announced just after midday.

Congratulations to the following teams:-

1st: Ken Howes, Greg & Sue Bartlett – 3 head in 39.03 secs
2nd: Alan Heath, John O’Brien and Kerryn Staib – 3 head in 45.28 secs
3rd: Wendy Ward, Kenny Thompson and Carl Enchelmaier – 3 head in 51.16 secs
4th: Colin Stocks, Heather Korring and Denise Gothe – 3 head in 56.99 secs

The Goomeri Show Society provided cold drinks and a bbq throughout the day.

The ATPA would like to thank the competitors who supported the competition, especially the teams who travelled from Emerald. We would also like to thank our sponsors – G & L Horse Starting and Tack, The Goomeri Emporium and Nargoon Cattle Co. A big thanks to everyone who helped out as well. From all accounts a good day was had by all and the ATPA have received some terrific feedback of a professionally run competition, which is one of our aims.

Laidley-Walloon Quarter Horse & Performance Association, Rosewood, Qld - 25 June 2011

In association with the Rosewood Show, Laidley-Walloon put on another excellent Team Penning Competition. With over 70 entries and 16 wild card teams the event proved to be a big success. Thanks to Ty Granger, ATPA president and his two assistants John Lautenbach (announcer) and Tina Wells (time keeper), the event was judged consistently during the day. A big thank you goes out to Laidley-Walloon and the Rosewood Show Society for hosting these three (3) representatives and to the winners Julie Legg, Mark Issac and Paul Schloss.

The results are as follows:

1st: Julie Legg, Mark Isaac, Paul Schloss - 3 head in 44.22 secs
2nd: Ian Bostock, Laura Bostock, Carol Bostock - 3 head in 55.03 secs
3rd: Gail Klein, Kathy Cavanagh, Bruce Williams - 3 head in 57.47 secs
4th: Ian Bostock, Kerry Hall, Carol Bostock - 3 head in 62.53 secs

1st: Phillip Brown, Sammy Herschell, Ivy-Lee Bradbury - 3 head in 93.1 secs

1st: Ian Bostock, Laura Bostock, Kerry Hall, Carol Bostock - Penned 9 head

1st: Pat Lenehan, Mark Isaac, Kerry Hall

Spurred on by their success the club is holding another competition on 27 August 2011, For further information contact Joyce Wilkinson at and don’t forget to nominate for the team jackpot where the team (combined total of 4 runs) get rewarded for the most cattle penned.

Dubbo Show, Dubbo, NSW - 29 May 2011

At the end of May, ATPA headed south across the border into NSW to The Dubbo Show Society affiliate. While the weather was cool the Show committee and competitors were warm and friendly. The competition was great, the cattle fantastic and as a venue for an ATPA affiliate event you could not ask for a more professionally run Agricultural show. Judged once again by John Lautenbach, one of our accredited judges and with three saddles up for grabs donated by Hawkesbury River Saddle Company the competition was running hot. ATPA would like to extend a big thank you to the Dubbo Show Committee for their hard work and warm hospitality. Mark your calendar for next year this definitely will be the place to be.

The results are as follows:

1st: Debra Bell, Phillip Bell, Mick Jenkinson - 3 head in 24.48 secs
2nd: Erin Williams, Bec Kearney, Karl Wicks - 3 head in 45.66 secs
3rd: Kellie Porter, Doug Porter, Lorean Porter - 3 head in 53.45 secs
4th: Kellie Porter, Doug Porter, Brodie Jones - 3 head in 53.59 secs

Laidley-Walloon Quarter Horse & Performance Association – Rosewood, Qld - 21 May 2011

On Saturday 21 May, Laidley - Walloon ATPA affiliate held a professionally run competition. Run under ATPA rules and judged by one of our ATPA accredited judges, John Lautenbach there was excellent feedback following the event. The weather was again kind and the cattle gave everybody a work out, rewarding those who capitalized and worked as a team the best. Laidley - Walloon introduced a team jackpot were the most consistent team was rewarded with a prize for the most cattle penned. This event was a warm up to the Rosewood Show Team Penning competition again being run by Laidley - Walloon Quarter Horse Club in conjunction with the Rosewood Show Society on 25 June 2011 under ATPA rules as an affiliated event. Congrats to all the winners

The results are as follows:

1st: Micheal Murphy, Jammie Conroy, Aaron Lee
2nd: Dave Brown, Mick Lynch, Jamie Grey
3rd: Andrea Monro, Bruce Williams, Kathy Cavanagh
4th: Phillip Brown, Ivy-Lee Bradbury, Rick Brown
5th: Glen Bond, Gorden Brewster,Karen Bond

1st: Ivy-Lee Bradbury, Stephanie Hicks, Sammy Herschell

1st: Phillip brown, Rick Brown, Graham Brown, Ivy-lee Bradbury

1st: Stephanie Hicks, Jamie Gray, Kayla Hausfield

Queensland Working Cow Horse Club Inc – Kilcoy , Qld – Easter 2011

Queensland Working Cow Horse Club, an ATPA affiliate took over the Kilcoy Showgrounds during the Easter break. Located North west of Brisbane the grounds proved popular for the three day event with many taking the opportunity to camp out. The programme finished with an Open and Junior Team Penning competition held on Easter Sunday judged by Darryl (Doc) Kavanagh. The weather was great and the competition attracted riders from Gympie, on the Fraser Coast to Rosewood, west of Brisbane. The event was run under ATPA rules and proved popular with the competitors.

The results from the event were:

1st: Allan Heath, Paul Schloss and Julie Legg
2nd: Tony Bright, Greg Reidy and John Brannigan
3rd: Greg Reidy, John Brannigan and Greg Bartlett
4th: Phil Davies, Robyn Hall and Joyce Wilkenson
5th: Caron Granger, Sandra Gilchrist and Ty Granger

1st: Emily Guest, Cody Granger and Joshua Gilchrist
2nd: Tahaila Tindoy, Madelaine Mason and Cody Granger
3rd: Ellie Granger, Emily Guest and Tahaila Tindoy

The Clubs next competition is proposed for 6-7 August 2011, refer to the clubs website for further details


For all ATPA members double competition points are awarded for placing at an ATPA affiliated event, so lets all support our ATPA affiliates as we continue to grow and develop the sport further.

If you have an organization that is interested in running a team penning event and are interested in becoming an affiliated club then please contact our Club Liasion officer John ph 0407 140092 for further information on how the ATPA can help you.